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High Elements

"The USU Challenge Course was awesome! The combined events helped us focus on teamwork and trusting each other. The individual challenges pushed each person beyond perceived physical and mental boundaries. Team unity, positive reinforcement, and greater self-confidence were the results. Thanks again, and 'Rock On!'"

Wobbly Log
Meet your partner in the middle of a swinging log suspended 20-feet from the ground!
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Climbing Tower
Our 50-foot climbing wall, with routes for all different climbing abilities, will challenge anyone to push themselves further!
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Team Wall
Get your entire team up and over the wall using nothing but each other!

Raiders Bridge

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Giant Swing
Sometimes, to be able to accomplish your goal, you need to leave the ground and soar!

Zip Line
Our 380-foot Zip Line from the top of the tower will get the thrill seeker in you going!

The Ring
Leap from a platform and try to grab an 8 inch brass ring. If you grasp it and pull it from the buoy, you get to keep it! Do not let the 35 foot climb to the top of the tower stop you!
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